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Insure Your Car and Motorcycle and

Earn RM100 or 20% Cashback Today

Purchase Vehicle Insurance on the GoPayz app to enjoy 10% instant rebate off your premium.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

Secure the Lowest Vehicle Insurance Rates with GoPayz

Evaluate the premium rates and exclusive perks provided on the GoPayz app in contrast to those offered by our competitors.


Premium Rate**

Sum Insured


GoPayz app with Liberty Insurance



10% Instant Rebate & up to RM100 Cashback

Competitor B



10% Off & Option for instalments

Competitor M



10% Off & 30% Rebates

Competitor T



10% Off

**The specified premium rate pertains to the 2011 Proton Saga model only, serving as  a baseline rate.

Your car insurance premium may vary based on factors including your vehicle's model,

year of manufacture, and usage history.

Claim Your Cashback with these Simple Steps


Step 1

Launch the GoPayz app, then tap on 'Liberty Vehicle Insurance'.

Step 2

Fill up your Vehicle Registration number to get a quote.

Step 3

Get your detailed quotation.

Step 4

Complete your purchase and receive instant 10% rebate off your premium rate.

Step 5

Receive your RM100 cashback within 14 days of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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