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Pay Zakat Online, Choose GoPayz 


Very Senang Only

Perform your obligations fast & easily with GoPayz!


100% Authorised Agent

GoPayz is one of the few e-wallet apps in Malaysia authorised to collect zakat payments.


Skip The Counter Queue

Tekan-tekan je and make your payment anywhere with GoPayz!

In partnership with


Spend & Fulfill Your Obligations Without Worries 

Skip the queue & tekan-tekan je on GoPayz!

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How To Make A Zakat Contribution On GoPayz 


Step 1
Open GoPayz app > Tap on ‘Zakat’

Step 2
Tap on 'Islamic' and choose your preferred zakat centre

Step 3
Select the type of zakat and make a contribution!

Get Started on GoPayz

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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