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Experience our new app interface, everything in one click. 

Experience our new app interface, everything in one click. 

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Here's Why You Can Trust Us!​


GoPayz Is Confirm Legit

We're recognized & regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia as a Non-Bank

E-money issuer.


Payment Partners

Our established payment partners are: 


Double Layer Protection 

Your GoPayz account is protected by both GoPIN and One-time Password (OTP) for added security.

Quick Tips To Secure Your GoPayz Account​


Set Your Password

Use a unique password with combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. 


Protect Your Personal Details 

Never share your GoPIN or OTP with anyone, not even us!


Stay Alert 

Be wary of phishing attempts from scammers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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