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Why Exchange Currencies With GoPayz

Online Rates Very Syiok​

Online Rates Very Syiok​

The exchange rates you get when you purchase currency online is sure to be competitive.​

The Duit Comes To You​

The Duit Comes To You​

Enjoy the safety and convenience of getting the currency you purchase from as low as RM50 delivered right to your doorstep* or collect from selected MaxMoney branches.​


*Delivered within 3 hours to addresses within the Klang Valley, KLIA and KLIA2.​

Beli Up To 5 Currencies​

Beli Up To 5 Currencies​

You can purchase up to 5 currencies per transaction anytime, anywhere.​

Your Wallet Makes It Senang​

Your Wallet Makes It Senang​

With online currency exchange transactions that can be done using your wallet alone, it’s now super easy.​

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Get The Best Currency Exchange Rates Anytime, Anywhere!

Just a few taps with GoPayz.

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How To Exchange Currencies On GoPayz


Step 1
Open up the GoPayz app > Tap on ‘Services’. 

Step 2
Tap on 'Online Currency Exchange'.

Step 3
Enter the currency and amount you wish to exchange!

Get Started on GoPayz

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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