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Our Trusted Partners Have Your Back​

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Distributed by U Mobile Services Sdn. Bhd.


This policy is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad. Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad is licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. U Mobile Services Sdn. Bhd is the registered agent of Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad.


This is a product specifically designed and made available for GoPayz's users only. By proceeding with the services provided by U Mobile Services Sdn. Bhd., the applicable commission will be charged. For alternate products, you may visit any Chubb's branches to enjoy premium rebate.

We Cover More Than Just Your Car!


24 Hour Towing And Minor Repair Services

We’ll attempt to fix your car in the event of a minor breakdown/accident and provide towing services if needed.​




Home Burglary Cash Relief Benefit​

In the event of a burglary, break-in or theft at your home, we’ll compensate you based on the amount stated in the policy schedule.​




Handbag And Wallet Guard

Left your handbag or wallet in the car and had it stolen? We’ll cover the losses up to the amount as specified in the policy schedule.​




Temporary Replacement Car & Hotel Accommodation Benefit

We’ll provide you a temporary car and cover your hotel accommodation should you get involved in a major breakdown or accident more than 100km away from home.​​



Full Body Paint Service & Cleaning Cost

We’ll cover the cost of a full body painting service and cleaning expenses to ensure your car looks as good as new.​​



Flood Coverage

Got your car stuck in a flood? We’ll cover for losses or damage as well as cleaning costs incurred by it.​​


Enjoy A Comprehensive Motor Insurance Coverage​

For third party liability, any losses or damages to own vehicle due to acidentant, fire and theft.​

✓   24-Hour Towing and Minor Repair Service ​

✓   Flood Coverage​

✓   Loss or Damage to your Vehicle due to Accidental Fire, Theft or Accident​


✓   Third Party property Loss or Damage​


✓    Inconvenience Allowance from Total Loss/Vehicle Theft ​


Please read the Liberty Insurance Policy Wording & Product Disclosure Sheet before you decide to purchase this policy to ensure that it meets your requirement.

  1. Liberty Product Disclosure Sheet (HERE)
  2. Liberty Policy Wording (HERE)​
  3. CHUBB Product Disclosure Sheet (HERE)​
  4. CHUBB Policy Wording  (HERE)​


How To Apply For Motor Insurance?

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Step 1
Launch the GoPayz app > Tap on ‘Liberty Vehicle Insurance’​

Step 2
Fill up Vehicle Registration number to get quote


Step 1
Open GoPayz app > Tap on ‘Chubb Motor Insurance’

Step 2
Complete the form & tap on ‘Get Quote’

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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