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Access Digital Financial & Lifestyle Services Anytime, Anywhere!


Invest, Insure, Remit & Exchange

Insure yourself with affordable micro-insurance from as low as RM6/month, invest and grow your ringgit, remit funds overseas, exchange foreign currencies and more!

Pay Bills, Get Game Credits And Prepaid Top-Ups

You can also book a ride, order fresh groceries, shop online and earn rewards as you spend!


Make Zakat Payment Or Buy Takaful Insurance

Tekan-tekan je to access Islamic services, all in one app!

GoPayz, All-In-One App,
All Also OK!

From prepaid top-ups and game credits, to bill payments and more!

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Upgrade Your GoPayz Experience With
Premium Wallet


Enjoy a larger wallet size, ATM cash withdrawals and more!

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Never Miss the Hottest Deals in Town!

Download and sign up for GoPayz now to get these deals!

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