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Experience our new app interface, everything in one click. 

Experience our new app interface, everything in one click. 

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Grab, grab, grab!


When you sign up for a GoPayz account & upgrade to Premium Wallet.



Do good even as you make a min. RM30 of zakat payment at the institution of your choice​.



Spend a min. of RM30 on selected services in the GoPayz app OR RM100 in stores.



Upgrade to Premium Wallet & start spending. Awesome rewards await you such as personal items, home appliances & lifestyle gadgets!​


The more you GoPayz,​ The more rewards!

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Grab amazing rewards with GoPayz!

Just spend a min. of RM30! 


Islamic Services

Wakaf & derma, as well as zakat payments!



GoInsure Personal Accident, Motor and Travel Insurance as low as RM6!


Bill Payments

Phone, Internet, utilities and also compounds!​​



Get all your daily necessities at Youbeli! OR spend a min. of RM100 in stores.



​Steam, Razer Gold, Garena, Astro, Spotify and many more!​

With GoPayz, you can bring home many amazing rewards!

| Cash Rewards
| XTRA Awesome Rewards

Step 1:
Download GoPayz

Step 2:​
Sign up & get FREE RM2

Step 3:​
XTRA FREE RM3 when you upgrade to Premium Wallet successfully  


Step 1:
Launch the GoPayz app & choose “Zakat” under “Islamic Services” 

Step 2:​
FREE RM5 e-duit Raya when you pay a min. of RM30 at any zakat institution of your choice

Step 3:​
XTRA e-voucher up to RM20 when you pay your zakat to PPZ, MAIPk or LZS.


Step 1:
Launch the GoPayz app.

Step 2:​
Spend a min. of RM30 on selected services in the GoPayz app OR RM100 in stores.​

Step 3:​
Enjoy random cashback up to RM4 & collect points for awesome rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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